What is Title I?

Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act is a federal program that provides financial assistance to states and school districts to meet the needs of educationally at-risk students. The goal of Title I is to provide extra instructional services and activities that support students identified as failing or at risk of failing the state’s performance standards in math, reading and/or writing.

The Title I program at Marshall is designed to assist students in meeting grade-level standards in reading and/or math. Title I services can be provided during or outside of core instruction time. These services focus on specific skills and practices needed by the student to improve academic performance. When services are delivered in small groups, each group is led by an intervention teacher or paraprofessional.

An overview of the district’s commitment to parent involvement.
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The district’s procedure which includes all the Title I required components to support parent involvement in the schools.
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The citizen’s complaint process overview for certain categorical federal programs, including Title I, Part A.
Visit OSPI’s website.
You can learn more about Title I and find additional resources by visiting School improvement: VPS Title I information.


2019-2020 Title I Parent Participation Plan

Our mission is to create a safe and caring community in which each student strives for academic excellence, shows respect for others, and takes responsibility for his or her own choices.

George C. Marshall’s staff values authentic participation of its parent community. Toward this goal, weintentionally structure activities and communications so as to maximize involvement.  Working as a home-school team improves communication, builds relationships and improves students learning.

Parents are provided opportunities to become increasingly familiar with Vancouver Public Schools Curriculum, state-established grade-level goals, district policies and school procedures.  Newsletter articles inform parents of way to monitor children’s progress, and suggestions for at-home school readiness and learning.

Parent Participation Plan-Marshall’s staff and volunteer representatives from its parent community will jointly develop this school’s Parent Participation Plan in January at the joint meeting with PTA/ Title I School Improvement Meeting.   The plan will be distributed to parents and the local community in newsletters after that meeting.  The Parent Participation Plan will be shared during a PTA meeting (by the Principal) and on the school website at www.vansd.org (Marshall Elementary link). Copies can also be obtained from the school office.

Later in the school year, the School-Parent Compact will be reviewed and revised with the input of parents for the following school year.

Schoolwide Improvement Plan-During School Improvement meetings we review demographics data, assessment results, and survey findings  to ensure that schoolwide programs are meeting the needs of all students, especially those performing below grade level in reading and math. The 2019-2020 School Improvement Plan’s goals and actions (including Parent Participation) will be reviewed and developed during these meetings.

Annual Title I Meeting– An annual meeting to inform parents of Marshall’s participation as a Title I Schoolwide site, the requirement of Title I, and the rights of the parents be involved will occur at the PTA Meeting on January 9th at 3:00PM in the Media Center.

Parent-Teacher Conferences– Parents are provided an opportunity to conference with teachers during the district’s scheduled days on October 16th, 17th,  and 18h. During fall conference time the Roadmap to Success plans (School-Parent Compact) will be reviewed and signed. Spring Parent-Teacher conferences are also scheduled in April 2020. Parents are encouraged to meet with their children’s teachers at any time during the school year.  Throughout the academic year, all parents will be provided with reasonable access to staff and opportunities participate in a variety of building sponsored activities.

Curriculum, Assessments & Proficiency Levels– All parents will be notified of their child’s assessment scores and eligibility for additional academic help during the school day, after school, or in summer programs.  Parents are informed of student progress via the Goal Setting Conference in the fall and the Trimester Report Cards.  Parents are encouraged to request information regarding their child’s academic progress at any time from the school staff.

Marshall Elementary students are instructed by teachers fully trained in McGraw Hill Wonders English Language Arts curriculum and Euerka Math curriculum.  Additionally, students receive extra math support during math focus wall. Students requiring additional reading assistance (as determined by assessments) may be provided instruction using programs such as Imagine Learning, iReady, and Reading Mastery.  Students are assessed in a variety of ways including class room based assessments, I-Ready, SBA  and curriculum-based assessments.

Marshall’s staff will participate in professional development opportunities throughout the year.  Staff will participate in building-level professional development focused on instructional strategies, student assessment, student engagement and classroom culture and environment.

Common Core State Standards guide the instruction for staff. All Federal, State and local resources that relate to reading and math instruction are coordinated to benefit student academic achievement.

Information related to Marshall Parent programs, meetings, and other activities will be sent to parents in the school newsletter, through classroom newsletters, Peachjar, Robo Calls and the school’s website.  Every attempt will be made to clearly communicate important information in the parents’ native language.

Marshall has an on-site Volunteer Coordinator who provides student and family services and resources such as, Lunch Buddies, twice a month Food Pantries and Backpack Weekend Food program.  We have provided a dedicated space for our Coordinator, to help make her available to families.  We also have a Spanish interpreter available daily to translate for our families who require this.

The following list includes some of the ways in which parents are invited and encouraged to become actively involved at George C. Marshall Elementary.

  • Classroom volunteer
  • Serve on PTA Board
  • Become a PTA Member
  • Media Center Volunteer
  • Reading tutor
  • Math tutor
  • Evening activities (Math Night, Literacy Night)
  • Field trip chaperone
  • Family Night (assist in planning & preparation)
  • Participated in courtyard Clean-up
  • Project volunteer (Book Fair, Science Fair)
  • Materials preparation (for teachers)
  • Bulletin board/display assistance
  • Student Handbook (review & provide input)
  • Performances (assist w/planning and preparation)
  • Serve as “Room Parent”
  • Health screening volunteer (vision & hearing)
  • Participate in the School/Parent Compact
  • Attend grade-level and school-wide assemblies
  • Attend parent education events and classes
  • Volunteer participate in Read Across America
  • Assist in planning and organizing celebrations and events
  • Participate in Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Attend classroom events and programs
  • Spanish Club
  • AM/PM Extended Learning Day
  • PTA paperwork in Spanish
  • Grow and Learn
  • Other opportunities, based upon individual interest

George C. Marshall’s Parent Participation Plan has been developed/revised and agreed upon with parents of children participating in a Schoolwide Title I program.  The Parent Participation Plan will be reviewed at the January 9th, 2020 PTA meeting in the Media Center. This  will be in effect for the period of the 2020-2021 school year as evidenced by meeting minutes, agenda and parent sign-in on file.  The school will distribute the Parent Participation Plan to all parent of participating Title I children and make it available to the community on or before January 10th, 2020.

Bobbi Geenty

Vancouver Public Schools

District Policy 4130: Title I – Parent Involvement

The board recognizes that parent and family engagement helps all students achieve academic standards, including those participating in Title I programs. To promote parent and family engagement, the board adopts the following policy, which describes how the district will involve all parents and family members of Title I students in developing and implementing the district’s Title I programs.

The policy can be found at: https://go.boarddocs.com/wa/vpswa/Board.nsf/goto?open&id=B36K244E4DB5#


Ванкуверские государственные школы

Положение школьного района, номер 4130: Title I (Раздел I Законодательного акта о школьном образовании) – Участие родителей

Совет директоров признаёт, что участие родителей и членов семей в жизни школы помогает всем учащимся, включая тех, которые занимаются по программам Раздела I, достичь академических стандартов. С целью содействовать участию родителей и членов семей совет директоров утвердил следующее положение, в котором описано, как школьный район будет вовлекать всех родителей и членов семей учащихся, занимающихся по программам Раздела I, в процесс разработки и внедрения программ Раздела I в школьном районе.

Это положение можно найти на сайте:



Escuelas Públicas de Vancouver

Normativa 4130 del Distrito Escolar: Programa Federal “Título I” (parte de la Ley de Educación Primaria y Secundaria (ESEA) – Participación de los padres

La Junta Escolar reconoce que la participación de los padres y la familia ayuda a que todos los estudiantes logren alcanzar los estándares académicos, incluyendo aquellos que participan en el programa federal de “Título I”. Para fomentar la participación de los padres y las familias, la Junta Escolar está implementando la siguiente normativa, que describe cómo el Distrito Escolar involucrará a todos los padres y miembros de la familia de los estudiantes de “Título I” en el desarrollo e implementación de los programas de “Título I” del Distrito Escolar.

La normativa se puede encontrar en:


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Marshall parent participation plan

Please download and sign our plan every November. Marshall staff members and parents jointly develop and revise this plan at the annual fall Parent Advisory Committee/Learning Improvement Team meeting.
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What is the Learning Assistance Program?

The Learning Assistance Program provides additional academic support to eligible K-12 students in reading, math, writing and readiness skills. LAP programs are supported with Washington state funds and given to school districts within the state.

Currently, LAP-funded services must first focus on kindergarten through fourth-grade students who are deficient in reading or reading-readiness skills to improve literacy.

Eligible students are the “greatest in need” as determined by a rank order of scores taken from statewide and/or district assessments. LAP services are interventions, supplemental to the core instruction in reading, math and/or writing.

How our school uses LAP resources

Marshall’s LAP program provides additional learning time to practice and build reading skills. LAP groups meet outside of classroom reading and math instruction. Time spent in LAP groups focuses on hearing and reading the sounds in words and lots of practice with reading passages. Each group is led by the LAP reading teacher and typically has three to six students. Each trimester, a LAP progress report for parents is included in their child’s report card.